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At PHM we break the limits!

Quality, fast deliveries and constant communication “as if you had the factory in the basement of your house”.

Forget about problems and trust us with your productions as the best brands in the market already do.

Jo Tutchener Sharp

Senior Designer at Burberry, Ex DIESEL, Ex BOTTEGA VENETA


“Possibly one of the most stressful periods I have ever experienced in textiles was at ECOALF, during the pandemic, and to add to the stress they gave me a collection with a Victorias Secret model. All the company’s eggs were on the table and it went ahead thanks to you”.

Mario Herrera
Product Director Ocean Born Lifestyle, Ex Nord Sail, Ex ECOALF, Ex TENDAM
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Are you ready to leave behind the anxiety of production processes and discover how Portugal Home Made can boost your brand with innovative and sustainable textile solutions?

Tired of not knowing the status of your production, not getting a response to your emails and phone calls?

Poor communication from your current supplier leaves you in the dark and creates unnecessary stress.

Fed up of waiting extra weeks to receive your order?

Long lead times from your current supplier can discredit your professional value and ruin your launch and sales plans.

Disappointed with the quality of your product?

Poor quality from your current supplier can damage your brand reputation and alienate your customers.

Is your current supplier unable to adapt to your last-minute needs?

Production rigidity limits your ability to respond quickly to market trends.

Have you been sold the idea of sustainability, but your suppliers don't deliver on the promises?

Many companies promote sustainable practices superficially, without a real commitment to the environment.

How much are long lead times, purchasing anxiety, low quality and lack of sustainability costing you? Do you want to stay in this loop of inefficiency? ¡It’s your choice!

Break the cycle of inefficiency. Fast and reliable delivery times, smooth and constant communication, high quality products and real and certified sustainable practices.

Simplify your production process, reduce purchasing anxiety and improve your reputation in the marketplace, all with one trusted partner.

Collaboration Process

Fast Quote

Send us your data sheets or physical samples and we provide you with a quote within 24 – 48 hours.

Collection Development

Once the quotation is approved, we develop your prototype and when you have approved it we start the production with precision and speed.

Efficient Delivery

Receive your finished production, ready to be marketed.

Antonio Barros Vidal
Ceo of PHM

Hi, I’m Antonio, Creative Director and Product Manager with 35 years in the fashion industry.

I know exactly the headaches faced by product managers and buying managers of fashion brands.

I founded Portugal Home Made with an unbeatable team and 12 top-notch factories in the north of Portugal to eliminate your problems at the root. Inconsistent quality? We solve it. Eternal delivery times? Not with us. Poor communication? Here, that doesn’t exist.

Plus, you can be sure that every garment is produced sustainably. We’re here to rewrite the rules of the game and make sure your brand not only meets, but exceeds all expectations.

Don't take my word for it, look at what our customers have to say.

Their experiences are testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Their successes are proof of our tangible results. Now you can stick with your suppliers who won’t even answer the phone while your collections stagnate, or maybe you can schedule a call with us.

My overall experience working with Antonio and his team is smooth, easy, clear, and swift.

Our collaboration on the quality of my products and their production process is deeply fruitful. The ability to meet delivery deadlines and communication during projects is excellent; perhaps a tighter timeline could be negotiated.

I appreciate the company’s dedication to sustainability and ethical practices in manufacturing.

I would recommend PHM to other fashion brands because they are valuable resources.

Leo Rydell Jost

Senior Designer at Burberry, Ex DIESEL, Ex BOTTEGA VENETA

My experience working with Antonio and his team is seemelss. He is utterly dedicated to understanding your brand and facilitating its needs as well as being a fantastic person.

Working with Antonio changed the quality and craftsmanship of our products to another level.

The attention to detail is impeccable.

This is at the forefront of all buyers minds and Antonio and his team pass on the information required through all the correct channels , making the navigation of sustainability easier to incorporate it your products and system.

I would 100% recommend Antonio and his team.

Amy Molyneaux


I have had the pleasure of working with Portugal Home Made for nearly five years, they have been invaluable partners in the growth of my brand. They are always professional, efficient and helpful.

The quality of the products they produce is excellent and truly reflects their dedication and passion for what they do.

The team are genuinely nice people who are a pleasure to work with. I am grateful for their support and look forward to many more successful years together.

Chloe Torpei

Founder at Olive and Frank

Working with Portugal Home Made, in a broad sense, is a reflection of peace of mind and security. They have always stood up and resolved any situation positively for us.

The good quality of the products, both in the fabrics and in the finishes and final touches, has positively impacted sales and growth, both in terms of sales and customers.

Communication with Portugal Home Made is agile and easy. We have resolved doubts and problems quickly and positively. I can say that they care about their clients in a personalised way.

I would recommend them without any doubt. In this world, which is sometimes so complicated, it is very important to have that confidence in the supplier, knowing that they will not let you down at critical moments.

Coco Parages Torres

Expert in fashion textile buying for large distribution. Grupo AWWG, (PEPE JEANS/HACKETT/FAÇONABLE), Ex BONNET à POMPON, Ex NECK & NECK, Ex GOCCO

Collaborating with Portugal Home Made has been crucial for our brands. PHM’s advanced proposal, especially in sourcing and developing new generation sustainable fabrics constructed with yarn blends like AMNI SOUL ECO®️, SeaCell™, and SEAQUAL® with Supima Cotton, among others, has allowed us to elevate the quality and sustainability of our collections to an unparalleled level. Unlike organic and recycled cotton, which even low-cost fast fashion brands frequently use, often with dubious certification, PHM’s innovative materials offer authenticity and traceability that our customers greatly value.

Furthermore, Antonio Barros Vidal and his team have demonstrated a genuine commitment to sustainability, avoiding the greenwashing practices seen in the industry. Their focus on transparency and quality has given us the confidence to assure our customers that each garment is produced ethically and responsibly.

PHM’s smooth communication and proactive solutions have significantly improved our production processes, allowing us to focus on creativity and design, knowing we have a reliable partner. Thanks to Portugal Home Made, our group brands have not only resolved common production issues but also strengthened their commitment to real and tangible sustainability. Therefore, I always recommend their services to any brand seeking quality, innovation, and ethics in their products.

Pepe Regojo

Director at Grupo Regojo, Pierre Cardin, HACKETT, PEPE JEANS, DALÍ, Ex INDITEX, Ex WESLEY

I have been working with Antonio and his team since 2017. I started collaborating with him during my time at Amichi. What stands out the most is his immense commitment to doing things well and his restless spirit that always drives him to seek new products, new qualities, and improvements. He always manages to offer a competitive product at a good price without compromising on quality. Antonio is a highly motivated individual in his work, with a long professional career, and his experience greatly assists the client in achieving the desired final product.

The impact has always been very positive, as we have always seen innovations, which is crucial in our sector. In terms of quality, colours, washing and printing techniques, they have always helped to elevate our collections by providing a distinctive touch to the garments.

With Portugal, we must always be very alert to delivery deadlines. Most of the time, all the brands are working within the same timeframes, and it can sometimes be challenging to meet exact dates because production lines get overwhelmed. However, I must say that communication has always been good, and we have found solutions to meet deadlines and deliveries. You can call them at any time, and they are always available to answer and help.

Portugal, as a manufacturing country, is sustainable because it complies with the living wage, which is extremely important. It meets the requirements for decent wages and compliance with working hours. In terms of sustainability and manufacturing, it is a strong country, as it complies with all the legislation required today. I would recommend other brands to work with Portugal Home Made because they always provide optimal quality and service. They get involved in the projects and always try to improve the brand’s product until it is elevated to a better position. You can trust them, their work ethic, and their approach to treating the product, always seeking the best quality-price.

Aitziber Martín Vega

Purchasing Manager at ECOALF, Formerly at Hug & Clau, Formerly at Amichi, Formerly at INDITEX

Honestly, the experience of working with Portugal Home Made has been very positive. The fluidity of communication and the ease of work have been one of the strong points, in addition to the high quality and variety of design that we have achieved.

In regards to the collection, PHM had the most special models, both in terms of complexity of design and yarn quality. In this way we were allowed to offer a premium product in the range of socks at the top of the pyramid.

A differentiation value with our working relationship,was the meeting delivery deadlines. Both in the development phase and in the production process. Working with a local supplier has allowed us to launch repeats of collections throughout the campaign, which requires agility on the part of the factory and, in the case of PHM, we were able to do this.

My experience with them, they always offered a quality product with sustainability benefits which brings me back to point 2 where I refer to their contribution to our collection. Nowadays sustainability is mandatory, and has been something we have found in PHM’s portfolio for years.

I would recommend other brands to work with this supplier because it adds value to the brand both in terms of product quality and in terms of fluidity in the value chain.

Isaac Corrales Espinoza

Head of Scalpers Home & Senior Buyer | Ex-Inditex, Ex El Corte Inglés, Ex Mango

My experience working with Antonio and his team is very good, both for me and for the entire team. Both in daily office dealings and during trips to their office in Portugal. Always proposing new ideas that add to our collections, always willing to help.

The impact on our product was notable as we were previously not very circular, more specialised in flat fabrics, and we took a significant leap in terms of finishing professionalism and a more varied offer. Very serious company regarding deadlines and with very smooth communication. 

Total transparency, you always knew at what stage the garments were. Any setback was informed and resolved quickly. We never had delivery or production issues. I remember he was one of the first to talk to us about sustainability and show us a collection already using natural dyes. 

At that time, our company did not yet bet on sustainability. But without a doubt, if I had to make sustainable products, I would do it with him. 

A company I would recommend 100% and still recommend today!

Cristina Boix

Senior Fashion Buyer at El Corte Inglés, ex-Bonnet à Pompon

My experience working with Portugal Home Made has been exceptionally positive. Communication has been smooth and efficient, which has facilitated collaboration and the resolution of any issues quickly. Working with this supplier has been a rewarding experience that has strengthened our product offering and our relationship with our customers.

Their commitment to quality and craftsmanship is evident in every product they deliver. We get really good results, and finishes that are almost extinct. 

The sample delivery times and the quality of these, make the work with this supplier reflect their professionalism and closeness. The knowledge of raw materials, technical complexities and the proposal of alternatives have facilitated the entire creative process.

In addition, their focus on sustainability and respect for ethical labour practices has been as expected and at all times aligned with our company values. Taste, quality and commitment define them and that is why I recommend Antonio and his team as a supplier.

Pilar Jaraquemada González

Footwear | Accesories | Fashion | Surface Senior Designer, EX SCALPERS

Antonio is a consummate professional, as well as being fun, affectionate, and very approachable.

The impact our collaboration has had on the quality of my collections and the production process has always been impeccable.

I’ve never experienced delays, and if there’s any uncertainty, he’s always just a phone call away to resolve it.

In the past, we’ve produced all sorts of products, but now I’m focused on sustainability, and with him, I have manufacturers dedicated to it. Ethics are a must for me, and with him, I’m always at ease.

If anyone asks me for a knitwear manufacturer, Antonio is the first on my list.

Thais Amich

CEO & Founder of THAIS.AMICH and Creative Director at Amichi

Hall & Ca, through the brands “Laranjinha” and “SNUG”, developed new materials and new products with António, always in a very professional and beneficial manner for both parties.

Quality and design are the pillars of our brands, and the work carried out in collaboration between the two companies maintained these standards while also providing access to new partners in the production sector.

Meeting delivery deadlines is increasingly crucial for retaining customers. These deadlines have always been respected, and there has always been excellent communication regarding any situation that could compromise this principle.

Sustainability is an increasingly decisive factor in our industry. I would like to highlight this commitment with António, as he has always been a driving force in ensuring we pay special attention to this need, bringing new materials and new companies with the same commitment.

Based on our experience, I recommend this player, especially for the dedication to the most important items for the clothing industry: quality, sustainability, delivery deadlines, and efforts to achieve better prices.

Luis Figueiredo

C.E.O. at HALL & CA, SA., Vice-President at ANIVEC National Association of Clothing Manufactures of Portugal

Working with Antonio and his team is undoubtedly an enriching and dynamic experience from start to finish. I would summarise it as a highly positive and productive experience. His clear and committed approach, along with the variety and depth of his involvement, has made our work enriching and satisfying. I hope we continue collaborating and exploring new topics together, always aiming to improve and learn. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you!

Thanks to Antonio, we have had a positive impact on our brand due to continuous improvement, optimisation, precision, and adaptation at all stages of the production process and the final product. His focus and clarity have helped optimise the process and improve the reliability of my products. I would like to highlight that our interests and goals have always been common, so the path has always been demanding yet efficient.

Our collaboration has proven to be efficient; quick and precise responses ensure tasks are completed within the required time. We have maintained proactive communication, anticipating potential needs and providing additional information when pertinent. I would highlight that the ability to meet deadlines and the communication during projects has been excellent. I would recommend Portugal Home Made to other brands in the sector for their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, the high-quality production they offer, the continuous innovation in materials and processes, and, of course, the close and professional treatment provided by this team from day one.

Manu Solano


My experience with Antonio and his team was very good and enriching. A good team that complemented each other and where information flowed. Always looking for the new, anticipating what the client needs to be able to offer the best in quality, new materials, innovative techniques, certifications… Always supported by collaborating Portuguese factories.

From the first contact with the client, the goal was to meet their needs with a product where the quality of design and the recommendation of materials and presentation of new innovative alternatives were realized in a carefully supervised and controlled production. A thorough quality and time control on the ground was the added value to the entire process. The result was a quality product that far exceeded the expectations of the most demanding client.

When establishing a relationship with the client and starting to develop collections, capsules, or specific products, timings were set for each stage of the process: sample development, corrections, approvals, production, and delivery. These timings were confirmed with each of the suppliers and, in case of changes or unforeseen events, deadlines were updated with the client who was informed at all times. Projects were completed on time and in form, with constant communication.

Sustainability is one of the greatest values in textiles today. Having a good range of options, from recycled materials, organic cottons, innovative compositions made from recycled material, natural dyes… all of this combined with the good practices of the associated factories, in terms of water treatment and certified manufacturing. At Portugal Home Made, these values are always present, and many of our clients contacted us because of this.

Good practice, knowledge of textiles, experience, and dedication make them recommendable for any brand that needs to produce their collections in Portugal.

Beatriz Rivera Lorenzo

Creative Direction at Iberomed, Ex INDITEX, Ex DR&N

Antonio is a great colleague, unwavering, highly professional, deeply committed to projects with a lot of strength and enthusiasm.

His processes provide a perfect solution to the needs of fashion brands.

Delivery deadlines and communication during projects are impeccable and transparent.

The pure supplier-client relationship is highly recommended, a relationship that contributes and adds value, a clear investment in the future.

Julio Novoa

Creative Director at El Pulpo, Ex DR&N, Ex Etiem, Ex Caramelo, Ex UNICEN

My professional career began with Antonio. He was the first person who trusted me and, thanks to him, I have become who I am now. He introduced me to the textile world; I learned about materials, production processes, and qualities, but he also taught me the commercial and communicative side. He is passionate about fashion and conveys values that we should never lose in this industry. I enjoyed his wisdom, the love and dedication he puts into everything he does. 

We shared years of collections, road trips, and friendship. Even back then, when sustainability and ethical practices were not as hot topics as they are today, he was concerned about these issues. He knew the entire manufacturing process inside out, production workshops were his second home, and quality was always a must that could not fail. In short, the experience with Antonio and everything he represents is extraordinary, synonymous with guarantee and satisfaction.

Rubén Lorenzo Estévez

Senior Marketing Manager, Retail at New Balance Iberia

A rewarding experience, in which Portugal Home Made had a collaborative and positive attitude towards discrepancies or different options to consider, always proposing solutions to reach a successful outcome.

The main impact of working with them has been the improvement in quality that we had until we started working together. Meeting deadlines has always been outstanding!

Sustainability is something that is very fashionable nowadays and Portugal Home Made has had it in their DNA for a long time, which is why they were one of our brand’s suppliers.

Their always positive attitude towards working, providing options and solutions to possible unforeseen events, the personalised and pleasant attention, their punctuality, and quality in deliveries make them a highly recommended supplier.

Carmen Fernandez

Designer-Pattern Maker-Quality Control Ex KIMOA

I have just met them, made my first order, and it has been a very satisfying experience. From the beginning, the treatment has been very pleasant. Besides this, Antonio has been very effective and proactive from the first contact.

So far, the product is being well received and people highlight the quality of the garment.

From my experience, the company has delivered and there have been no major delays as with most manufacturers.

Jorge Morcillo Sánchez

Brand Manager at TAN LIИE

We were born as a brand with Portugal Home Made, from the first collection until now they are our trusted partner in Portugal.

From the beginning, Antonio Barros Vidal and his team have demonstrated a deep understanding of the challenges we face in terms of quality, delivery times, and communication. With their innovative approach and commitment to excellence, we have developed the genuine washing and finishing that are the DNA of ARICA, significantly elevating the quality of our garments collection after collection.

The delivery times are unbeatable, allowing us to launch collections on time and exceed market expectations.

We have smooth and constant communication, ensuring that every detail of the production process is aligned with our vision. Additionally, PHM’s dedication to sustainability has enabled us to offer ethical products without compromising quality. Portugal Home Made not only solves our problems but has redefined what is possible in textile production. 

We highly recommend their services!

Ignacio Hierro San Martín

Founder – ARICA Brand

Our experience with Antonio and the Portugal Home Made team was great; everything went well, good quality, deadlines met, very good impact on the brand, they followed the desired quality.

Delivery deadlines were always met, which is not the case with most Portuguese productions. 

Sustainability and good practices have been greatly respected, which nowadays is very beneficial for brands. I would recommend this supplier for all the reasons mentioned above. Customer care, adherence to delivery deadlines, sustainability care, good relationship as a supplier to clients. 

Congratulations on your excellent work!

Monica Espada

Buyer at Quebramar

From the very beginning, this supplier has given off good vibes. They were very direct and clear about the procedure.

We are VERY happy with the materials provided and the ease with which we were able to make the detailed garment we requested. We expanded our knowledge about the textile industry and the various stages in its process.

There was a misunderstanding, as initially, we thought we would have all the garments on the day you sent the samples. Additionally, several public holidays fell during this period. Even so, in any case, we received the order two weeks after approving the garments and we are happy with it.

The work that PHM does is unbeatable. They are always thinking about the sustainability of the planet and the common good of all parties involved.

Without a doubt, I recommend this supplier, as it is a safe bet for any garment you want to make. Always transparent and clarifying every doubt that may arise during the process.

Ferran Ruiz Rosino

Founder Brava Brand

My experience with Antonio’s work has been very good. From the first contact, I have noticed his professionalism and dedication to excellence. His team has always shown a remarkable willingness to adapt to our specific needs and challenges, ensuring a smooth and productive collaboration.

Our collaboration has had a very positive impact on the quality of our products and production process. Thanks to the quality of materials and precision manufacturing, we have seen a significant improvement in the durability and finish of our garments. In addition, the efficiency and consistency of your production process has allowed us to optimise our manufacturing times, which translates into a better offer for our customers.

I highly value your ability to meet deadlines and communication during projects. We have always received our orders within the agreed timeframe, and any issues that have arisen along the way have been communicated in a timely and clear manner. The transparency and accountability you demonstrate at every stage of the project is truly appreciated and has been critical to our planning and continued success.

Their dedication to sustainability and ethical practices in textile manufacturing is one of the aspects of our partnership that we value most. Knowing that we are working with a supplier that shares our values in terms of environmental and social responsibility gives us great peace of mind. This not only enhances our image as a brand, but also allows us to offer products that our customers can wear with pride and eco-consciousness.

I would definitely recommend them to other fashion brands. The quality of their work, their commitment to sustainability, punctuality in delivery and clarity in communication are factors that any company would value in a supplier. Working with them has been a very positive and beneficial experience for our brand, and I am sure other companies would also benefit greatly from their professionalism and dedication.

Jaime Peña Puentes

Manager at MNJ DE DROP,S.L.

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Yes, and we accompany them in their growth. The minimum order is 150 garments per model/color to be able to offer our services.

Send us the technical sheets with all the specifications and the measurement table or a physical sample, and within 48/72 hours we will send you a quote and delivery time.

The deadline to receive a prototype is 1 week if we have fabric in stock.

Yes, there are designs that due to their complexity may have some development cost, which in most cases is refunded in the order confirmation.